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  • Gebäude Uni Bonn Architektur Brandschutzsanierung NRW

    Fire protection renovation for ZEI/ZEF at the University of Bonn commissioned!

    22. April 2021

    The University of Bonn intends to renovate the Centre for European Integration Studies (ZEI) and the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) on an area of around 9,000 sqm in terms of fire protection. Our architectural office has now been commissioned with the work phases 2-9 of german HOAI. Necessary measures include the replacement, upgrading or new construction of all fire protection facilities, water pipes and suspended ceilings. The start of work is planned for October 2021.

  • Architekt Bildungsbau Schulbau NRW Gesamtschule Alfter

    First section of the Alfter Comprehensive School completed!

    12. April 2021

    On 12.04.2021, the first part of the building was completed, into which the OGS facility will move after the move is completed. After the ongoing renovation of the main building with the administration section and the assembly hall, the OGS will then move back to the 2nd floor and the technically equipped 'science wing' can be expanded with the specialist room equipment for biology, physics and chemistry lessons. In addition, a classroom for computer science and a teaching kitchen are located in the NW section.

    As an architectural office from Bonn, we are taking on the general planning for the object planning of the building, the interiors and furnishings in the neighbouring community of Alfter within the scope of work phases 1 to 9.

    More information and pictures will be available soon on the project page.

  • Architekt Bonn Sanierung Umbau Denkmalschutz

    Contract awarded for the renovation of the Küsterhaus in Bonn

    05. March 2021

    In the building next door to the 'Puppenkönig' toy shop, new living quarters for the friars of the Franciscan Order are being created through renovation and conversion. Meanwhile, construction work already underway next door - on the upper floors of the 'Puppenkönig' - is resulting in new office space for the Franciscan mission headquarters. We are pleased to be able to realise three interesting projects in one place.

  • Umbau und Sanierung Architekt Köln Bonn THW

    New premises for the 'THW'

    05. March 2021

    Conversion and refurbishment: New offices, vehicle halls and technical rooms were built within eight months for the 'THW', the federal disaster relief organisation.

    More Pictures

  • Blankenheim Rathaus Sanierung Architekt NRW Bonn

    'Konsum' of 1738 becomes the town hall

    23. February 2021

    The listed building of the former Konsum in Blankenheim, which has been empty for 40 years, is finally being renovated. We have summarised the incredible condition of the future town hall in pictures.

  • Office meeting as video meeting from the conference room Architect Bonn

    Team meetings in times of a pandemic

    09. February 2021

    Although the majority of our team is based in a home office, we continue to hold regular office meetings, both in individual project teams and with the whole team. This allows us to continue to ensure the high quality of our services. We are also helped in this by a modern state of the art, which we constantly maintain.

  • Baustelle Grundschule Architekt Sanierung ErweiterunBuilding site elementary school architect renovation extension Bonng Bonn

    Schlossbachschule Bonn: In 3 weeks the first parts will be opened!'

    09. October 2020

    Since 2018, the elementary school in the south of Bonn is already in construction. The school, which was built in 1962 on a total area of almost 4500 square meters, is being extensively renovated and extended by a new building during ongoing operations. In three weeks everyone can now look forward to the new gymnasium and the new building with 7 classrooms.

    The remaining buildings are expected to be completed in the spring of next year and will then again be available for around 360 children in 16 classes.

    More information about the project 'Schlossbachschule'


  • 3d site measuring renovation monument protection architect Bonn

    3D-Aufmaß zur Sanierung unter Denkmalschutz

    25. September 2020

    With probably the most innovative, fastest and most accurate method of creating measurements, we have created a three-dimensional plan of the "Konsum" in Blankenheim, built in 1738.

    The CAD laser measurement system, which is accurate to the millimetre, not only enables us to produce a CAD drawing on site, but also allows us to pass the plans directly to our planning software, thus saving more than 75% in time. This enables us to implement particularly complicated projects much more efficiently and accurately. There are only less than 1800 devices of this type worldwide!

    The project in Blankenheim includes the renovation and conversion of the listed building at Ahrstraße 50, which has been empty for more than 20 years. In the future, the town hall of Blankenheim is to move in here.

  • Sanierung Puppenkönig Bonn Architekt

    New life for 'Puppenkönig'!

    15. September 2020

    After the company "Spielwaren-Haus Puppenkönig", founded in 1873, opened its branch in Bonn in 1913, the company announced last year that it was giving up the business.
    But there will not be a ruin: At present, renovation work is beginning on the building on Gangolfstrasse, which fortunately was hardly destroyed in the war.
    Both the old façade and the interior will be completely renovated to ensure that the new sales areas are also representative!
    A large crane was already erected yesterday for this purpose. We as architects from Bonn are allowed to plan, supervise and manage this project. We hope that we will soon be able to rummage in new shelves and displays. What will be sold there, we will reveal at a later date, e.g. via our Instagram account!

  • Neubau Bürogebäude Königswinter Architekt Bonn

    When ideas become reality: The new office and commercial building in Königswinter is nearly complete!

    14. September 2020

    For the Kuchem Konferenz Technik in Königswinter, a free-standing two-storey office and commercial building with a staggered storey is being constructed, adjacent to an existing company building.

    The new building, designed as a concrete structure, comprises two rentable full storeys with pure office use, commercial space for the client's own use, showroom/conference and break rooms as well as an open underground car park.

    More about the project