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  •  Logo of the city of Königswinter

    Order awarded for new building 'Kita am Limperichsberg', Königswinter

    27. December 2019

    New project!


    On the basis of a feasibility study, a 4-group day care center, including childcare for under-threes, is planned in Thomasberg.


  •  The 'Beyss Architekten' team visiting the 'Rheinisches Landesmuseum' in Bonn

    Excursion to the LVR Museum, Bonn

    20. December 2019

    The 'Beyss Architekten' team visiting the 'Rheinisches Landesmuseum' in Bonn.

  • Technical College Solingen, location 'Weyersberger Straße'

    Start of construction works, Technisches Berufskolleg, Solingen

    13. December 2019

    The structural work for the Technical College Solingen will start in January 2020 at the 'Blumenstrasse' and 'Weiersberger Strasse' locations.


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  •  Römerkanal Information Center, Rheinbach

    Römerkanal Information Center opens in Rheinbach

    28. September 2019

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  • Visualization, foyer 'Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe e.V.' (ZDK), Bonn

    2nd winner - Relaunch of the association's headquarters, 'Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe e.V.'

    04. September 2019

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  • construction office, in the attic of the existing building

    Excursion to the 'Drachenfels' plateau

    12. July 2019

    The 'Beyss Architekten' team visited the redesign of the Drachenfels plateau, which was completed in 2013.

    5b Bau- und Projektmanagement, Bonn, managed the construction. The design comes from the office pape + pape architekten (POOL2), Kassel, the winner of the competition in 2010.

    In a tour, the architect Monika Skudelny vividly conveyed the special features of building in this very special place. Due to its tourist significance, its exposed location, the demolition of an oversized restaurant building from the 1970s and the listed building substance from the 1930s, this has many available.

    Photo: The tour ended in the former construction office, under the roof of the existing building. Here you can still feel the atmosphere of teamwork in the building process.


  • Sports and multi-purpose hall, Bonn Duisdorf

    Completion of sports and multi-purpose hall, Bonn Duisdorf

    11. July 2019


    The conversion and renovation of the central district meeting point for sports and celebrations has been completed.

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  •  'Haus der Jugend', Solingen, construction site photo

    'Haus der Jugend' almost completed

    09. May 2019

    The 'Haus der Jugend Dorper Straße' in Solingen will be inaugurated on May 17, 2019, after two years of construction. The building from the 50s was upgraded spatially and functionally without losing its character. The reopened 'Haus der Jugend' now is barrier-free and is state-of-the-art in terms of energy and technology.

    Media reports:

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  •  Rheinbach comprehensive cchool, Dederichsgraben site

    New scientific wing at the 'Rheinbach Comprehensive School' starts operating

    03. May 2019

    The new scientific wing at the Dederichsgraben site will go into operation at the beginning of May 2019.

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  • dining area, new canteen of the Rheinbach comprehensive school

    Hand over the canteen of the 'Rheinbach Comprehensive School' to the users

    08. April 2019

    Students and teachers can now use their new canteen.

    In addition to the provision of food and for teaching purposes, the new canteen can also be used as an event location.

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