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  • Construction site sign 'Primary School Schlossbachschule', Bonn

    Start of construction work 'Schlossbachschule, Bonn'

    18. March 2019

    The construction work for the project 'Conversion and extension of the Primary School Schlossbachschule' has begun.

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  • Eine versammelte Menschengruppe vor einem eingerüsteten Gebäude. Auf dem Gerüst stehen zwei Handwerker und sprechen den Richtspruch.

    'Römerkanal-Informationszentrum' celebrates topping out ceremony

    13. March 2019

    On the Himmeroder Wall in Rheinbach, the construction progress is celebrated with the traditional topping-out ceremony.

    Based on the design of the city of Rheinbach, which was coordinated with the preservation of historical monuments, an independent treasure trove has been created.

    photo credits: City of Rheinbach

    'General-Anzeiger Bonn' and 'Bonner Rundschau'

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  • Construction sign at the start of construction 'Schmitthalle'

    Start of the second construction phase 'Schmitthalle'

    04. March 2019

    The construction work for the project 'refurbishement of sports and multi-purpose hall, Bonn - Duisdorf' has started.

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  • A part of the ancient Roman aqueduct is lowered into the new building

    First piece of the exhibition in the 'Römerkanal Informationszentrum'

    19. December 2018

    A part of the ancient Roman aqueduct is lowered into the new building.

    The exhibit forms the 'cornerstone' of the exhibition 'Water for Rome's Cities - How Water Learned to Walk'. For the central exhibit a separate pedestal with foundation was made.

    The 'Informationszentrum Römerkanal' is scheduled to open in autumn 2019.

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  • Stadt Sankt Augustin

    Daycare 'Wellenstraße', Sankt Augustin

    12. December 2018

    New project.

    The planning for the construction of the new kindergarten 'Rasselbande' in Sankt Augustin has begun. The planning services including the approval planning are to be completed within the next three months. The owner of the eighth day care center is the city of Sankt Augustin.

    'General-Anzeiger Bonn, from the region'

  • Renovation and extension 'Gesamtschule Alfter' - Dependance Rheinbach

    Renovation and extension 'Gesamtschule Alfter' - Dependance Rheinbach

    01. October 2018

    New project.

    The former secondary school in Alfter Oedekoven is a branch of the comprehensive school Rheinbach. It is comprehensively reconstructed and expanded. In a first step, the reconstruction of the comprehensive school begins. Plans include the construction of a refectory and additional specialist and classrooms for a three-course junior high school in Alfter.


  • from left to right: Dezernentin Dagmar Becker, Gabriele Racka-Watzlawek, OB Tim Kurzbach und Kitaleiterin Julia Jarra. Foto: Doris Rosenecker

    Klingenbande daycare centre opened

    25. August 2018

    A rip-roaring celebration saw Klingelbande daycare centre officially opened at Solingen’s city hall. Mayor Tim Kurzbach cut the red ribbon using a pair of baby-blue children’s safety scissors. Colours play an important role in the new building too – the daycare centre matches the colour of the neighbouring City Hall building, thus putting a “face” to the relationship between the two buildings.

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  • Visualisation Römerkanal information centre, Rheinbach

    Römerkanal information centre ground-breaking ceremony, Rheinbach

    13. August 2018


    Close consultation with heritage assets protection bodies, local stakeholders and friends of the Roman channel have resulted in a massive cube with a subdued design built against the historical backdrop of Himmeroder Hof, the two buildings separated by a glass connecting building.

    The new building is to house attractive exhibition areas dedicated to the Roman channel on a total floor area of 125 m² – 85 m² on the ground floor and 40 m² in the gallery. The floor space also provides a venue for presentations and other events.

    The General-Anzeiger Rheinbach local newspaper has published an article on this project.

  • Workers from Barth Bedachungen GmbH held the topping out speech

    Topping out for Gesamtschule Rheinbach comprehensive school at its Villeneuver Straße and Dederichsgraben sites

    18. July 2018

    The topping out ceremony is a ubiquitous celebration in Germany to mark the completion of a building’s structure. There was much admiration for adherence to budget and schedule as well as the professional handling of challenges that arose by everyone concerned in construction during school operation. The celebration took place with Mayor Stefan Raetz, First Assistant Secretary Dr. Raphael Knauber, District Councillor Silke Josten-Schneider (CDU), Party Chairperson Martina Koch (SPD), youth school sports head Wolfgang Rösner, headmistress Elke Dietrich-Rein, school board chairman Dietmar Danz, construction department head Matthias Swoboda, and the planners attending.  Workers from Barth Bedachungen GmbH held the topping out speech before the ceremonial dinner.

    The General-Anzeiger Rheinbach local newspaper has published an article on this project.


  • The Beyss Architekten GmbH team in front of the former Ahr Valley government bunker

    Excursion to the former Ahr Valley government bunker

    13. July 2018

    The Beyss Architekten GmbH team went to visit the museum and documentation centre in the former Ahr Valley cold-war government bunker.

    The tour of the bunker took one-and-a-half hours, and led through all 203 metres of the remaining tunnels and the history of the Cold War presented as a museum exhibition. Extensive documentation and original exhibits provided an impressive record of what was supposedly the most secret building in the history of the Federal Republic.