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General contractor services – taking control.

It takes a powerful cross-disciplinary team to take a project to a successful outcome. As a general contractor, we manage and control the team with full responsibility for the construction project. We at Beyss Architekten always keep sight of the general picture – giving our clients the reassurance they need.

We manage the entire coordination and administration effort for our clients, providing architectural services in the following areas:

Project management

  • Coordination of all parties involved
  • Liaison management
  • Planning and monitoring in all costs and deadlines

Structural engineering

  • Developing optimised bespoke support structures
  • Obtaining proof of stability according to code
  • Preparing standard-compliant calculations (loads and load-bearing capacity)
  • Planning structural fire safety

Technical building services

  • Installing HVAC systems
  • Ensuring comfort while complying with regulations
  • Automating processes
  • Planning intelligent buildings (incl. electrical engineering and IT)

Fire safety engineering

  • Issuing real-estate and on-site building analyses
  • Risk appraisal and building code classification
  • Basic engineering in fire safety measures to achieve safety aims
  • Basic engineering for buildings with special regulations

Structural physics

  • Developing energy-optimised concepts for new and existing buildings
  • Implementation of noise control measures within and around the building
  • Design for pleasant room acoustics