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new-build project'Am Domhof', catholic primary school, Bonn


the project

For the catholic elementary school 'Am Domhof' in Bonn a new building complex will be erected on a plot adjacent to the existing school building. The planning services include the construction of the school as well as the demolition of the kindergarten building on the building plot and the construction of a temporary kindergarten for the duration of the construction period.

project data

Stadt Bonn, Auftraggeber Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume gAG
building type
school buildings
new-build project
education and research
scope of services
HOAI service phases 3-8
3.568 m²
3.170 m²

our work

The pedagogical concept developed by the Montag Foundation for Youth and Society is the basis of the urban development plan, which provides for the training of a campus for the school and the associated kindergarten. By integrating existing paths, this campus becomes part of public life.

According to the idea of ​​the campus, the different usage units each receive their own building. At the center of the resulting ensemble of buildings is the multifunctional 'Forum', which houses the superordinate functions of the school.

In the north, the administration and kindergarten mark access to the school grounds, while the two 2-storey teaching houses in the south round off the school site.

schoolyard overlooking the Forum and one of the two teaching buildings
the Forum is the center of the new school and is both an auditorium and a sports venue