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new-build projectDaycare center 'Wellenstraße', Sankt Augustin


the project

The city of Sankt Augustin intends to build a new 8-day day care center on the grounds of the 5-day day care center 'Rasselbande'.

project data

Stadt Sankt Augustin
Sankt Augustin
building type
daycare centres
new-build project
education and research
scope of services
HOAI service phases 1-4 HOAI
1.752 m²
1.516 m²

our work

The new-build project accommodate 150 children aged 6 months to 6 years. The new structure will be L-shaped in child-friendly, single-storey, max. two-storey construction.

Five of the eight groups are accommodated on the ground floor. Under three year olds own, protected area is available.

The floor plan structure allows a flexible room layout in the given grid and thus the adaptation to changing usage requirements. The outdoor play area is clearly demarcated between the parts of the building, while the supply zone is arranged on the opposite side of the building and provides the delivery from the outside. This area also serves as the pick-up zone. It is assigned to the corresponding parking space. From here, the main entrance leads into the central foyer.

All traffic areas are designed as game corridors. The offices have a direct view of the entrance or the game corridors. Open plan kitchens adjoin the foyer and the hallway on the first floor above.

The construction process provides for the demolition of the existing building after the completion of the first construction phase. The daycare moves to the newly built part. Subsequently, completion takes place in the 2nd construction phase.

drawing, view, Kindertagesstätte 'Wellenstraße', Sankt Augustin
drawing, view, Kindertagesstätte 'Wellenstraße', Sankt Augustin