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new-build project and extension'École de Gaulle-Adenauer' daycare centre, Bonn


the project

The kindergarten of the 'French School' in Bonn is housed in a 'Variel building' from the 70s. The building no longer meets the modern requirements and will be replaced by a new building. The new building is being built at the previous location of the kindergarten and flanking the listed and at the same time refurbished school building of the French school 'École de Gaulle-Adenauer'.

project data

City of Bonn
building type
daycare centres
new-build project and extension
education and research
scope of services
HOAI service phases 1-9
635 m²
524 m²

our work

The kindergarten is designed as a 2-storey building. According to the age requirements, the U3 group 'Petite Section' on the ground floor and the 'Moyenne Section', the 'Grande Section' as well as the staff room on the upper floor are arranged. The ground floor comprises a central area with foyer and staircase. At the center of movement in the middle of the group rooms close to the sides, or on the ground floor a multi-purpose room. Each group has a common room with an integrated cloakroom and an adjoining room, which becomes a bedroom in the 'Petite Section'. In addition, each group is assigned a separate clean area and a storage room.

Due to the pedagogical proximity of kindergarten and school, which is pedagogically desired in the French system, the 'Ecole Maternelle' is oriented towards the schoolyard and is accessed via it. The new building is being built in solid construction. Both the plaster facade and the interior are reduced. The facade, in combination with the historic facade, radiates a reserved elegance.


inner space

The building will be prepared for a future increase in size and the planned extension to a further group area.