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reconstruction and conversionOffice building 'Graf-Zeppelin-Straße', Köln Porz


the project

The office- and production-building is located between 'Graf-Zeppelin-Straße' and 'Straße Am Wildzaun' in Cologne-Porz (Grengel) and was built in three parts (A-C), in the years 1968-1994.

It is a free-standing industrial and commercial building. Components A and B comprise a basement and two upper floors; component C has a basement and three upper floors.

The building was built in solid construction, with a flat roof. It is accessed via the five stairwells.


project data

ABJ Real Estate, Wachtberg
Köln Porz
building type
office buildings
reconstruction and conversion
commerce and administration
conversion and reconstruction
scope of services
HOAI service phases 1-3, 5-8
1.400 m²

our work

First step: The ground floor is converted into a two-story component of the multi-purpose building for the tenant. Demolition and expansion work are necessary for this. Subsequently - on approximately 1400 square meters - partition walls are created within the rental property as well as sanitary areas including tea kitchens.

The new color and material concept creates a bright and friendly impression. Coordinated shades of gray create a modern, calm atmosphere.

Second step: The currently vacant 1st floor will be converted for a future tenant.

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