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extension, conversion and reconstruction'Technisches Berufskolleg', Solingen


the project

The buildings of the Technical College will be upgraded, modernized, restructured and supplemented at two locations in Solingen.

project data

Stadt Solingen
building type
school buildings
extension, conversion and reconstruction
education and research
conversion and reconstruction
scope of services
Stufe 1 = Lph 3 und 4 (für Häuser 10 und 6-01), Lph 1 - 4 (für Häuser 6-02 und 5), Stufe 2 = LPH 5 - 9, Vorplanung Häuser 10 und 6-01 durch die Stadt Solingen

our work

location 'Blumenstraße'
A new building for 'Handgalvanik' is being built at the 'Blumenstraße'. It connects to the existing building via a single-storey passageway.The existing building will be modernized and redistributed its spaces.

On the ground floor of the new building, workshop rooms as well as the electroplating laboratory with adjoining rooms are created. Upstairs are three more classrooms, a staff room, a copy and a cleaning room accommodated. New sanitary facilities and various storage and technical rooms are arranged in the basement.

The single-storey new building will be erected on the school grounds in the courtyard between two existing buildings. The development of the property is via 'Blumenstraße', the access to the new building via the schoolyard.

location 'Weyerberger Straße'
At the 'Weyersberger Straße', a three-storey extension is being built. Here, the specialist lessons for engravers and metal workers takes place. In the basement there is practical instruction  and in the upper floors the theoretical lessons take place. On the second floor, a separable classroom and a meeting room are planned. In addition to the engravers and metal workers, the entire 'Berufsfachschule 2' will be taught in the new building. The different educational offers are brought together. This is how the interlocking of theory and practice is to be achieved. In the entire building complex of new and existing buildings, lessons are expected to take place for 150 pupils.

The new building connects to the existing structure via a new connecting bridge on the 2nd floor. The new building and existing buildings form a courtyard through which the buildings are accessed. Internal access is via the spacious staircase on the south facade. On the courtyard side the building is barrier-free accessible. An existing elevator ensures barrier-free access to the upper floors.

As the courtyard still needs to be used by vehicles for delivery, it is not possible to plant the non-built-up areas. The inner courtyard receives a truckable concrete block pavement. In order to still create green, a solitary tree and a facade greening are provided.