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conversion and extensionComprehensive school, 'Dederichsgraben', Rheinbach

General contractor services

the project
one school - two locations

The existing 'Realschule' (location 'Villeneuver Straße') and the existing 'Hauptschule' (location 'Dederichsgraben') run out at the end of the school year, in summer of 2019. The buildings of the two schools are being continuously taken over by the comprehensive school founded in 2014. To this end, conversion and refurbishment measures as well as expansion and new construction measures are required at both locations.

project data

City of Rheinbach
'Dederichsgraben', Rheinbach
building type
school buildings
conversion and extension
education and research
conversion and reconstruction
scope of services
General planning HOAI service phases 1-9, architecture, statics, building services engineering, building physics, space planning, landscaping
7.445 m²
6.329 m²

our work

In the former secondary school at Dederichsgraben moves to the upper school (born 9-13) of the new comprehensive school. A space program specially designed to meet the changing needs of school education requires floor plan-changing renovation measures in the existing building. Old classrooms that have been designed for use in classroom teaching are being transformed into modern self-learning centers with differentiation spaces.

Adaptation to upper-level education makes it necessary to provide additional science rooms at this location. For this purpose, a single-storey extension is being built.

The new building is an L-shaped structure opposite the existing building, so that the school yard is spatially defined. Access is via the school courtyard.

Since the specialist rooms are only needed when the school has grown to all grades, an expansion with two additional specialist rooms and a collection room is planned in a second construction phase.

The overarching material and color concept provides coordinated bright, warm yellow and orange tones, gray and white. At the 'Dederichsgraben' site, the orange of the panels sets accents in the gray, stucco facade and in the entrance area of ​​the new building.

new natural science building, entrance

Rohbau des 2. Bauabschnitts

Aktuell wird in einem zweiten Bauabschnitt ein weiterer Fachraumriegel für naturwissenschaftliche Fächer errichtet. Der Erweiterungsbau vergrößert den 2019 fertiggestellten Neubau ind komplettiert das Gebäude in L-Form. Der Rohbau wurde im Februar 2022 fertiggestellt.

Neubau Außenansicht Rohbau Architekt
Neubau Fachraumriegel Rheinbach Architekt
Architekt Digital Bonn Rheinbach
Innenraum Rohbau Gesamtschule Rheinbach
Rohbau mit Gerüst Architekt Bonn
Innenansicht Rohbau Fachraumriegel
Innenansicht Rohbau mit Deckenstützen
Innenansicht Rohbau Fachraumriegel