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reconstruction and conversion'Heussallee' building, Bonn


the project

In the course of the transformation of the former Bonn government quarter to the UN location and the new building of the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB), three former member apartment blocks are being rebuilt, reconstructed in accordance with the preservation of historic buildings and upgraded in terms of fire safety and energy efficiency. Two of the buildings will be converted into 'boarding houses' for visitors to the convention centre. The third building will house 20 modern office and meeting rooms. The underground car park under one of the apartment houses is being extensively reconstructed.

project data

City of Bonn
building type
office buildings
reconstruction and conversion
conversion and reconstruction
scope of services
HOAI service phases 1-8
5.788 m²
4.951 m²

our work

As part of the conversion, the buildings are comprehensively renovated - with minimal interventions in the existing building structure. They are interpreted in a contemporary manner. This includes the fire protection renovation of the buildings including the underground car park, the energetic upgrading of the facades and flat roofs as well as a barrier-free development of the entire building complex. The facades are given thermal insulation plaster, which is designed as a trowel plaster, in accordance with the historical model. Balconies and balcony railings characterize the facades as design elements. The railings are reconstructed and renewed. The dilapidated condition of the balconies makes extensive concrete renovation necessary.

The total of 46 apartments will be renovated and designed in accordance with contemporary living standards - some of them barrier-free. With the installation of new doors, current fire protection requirements and sound protection improvements are guaranteed. All measures, such as the renewal of the surfaces, are implemented in close coordination with the monument authority. The identity-creating flooring made of split clinker in the entrance halls of the houses is retained. Defects are extensively reconstructed. Historical fixtures, such as the letterbox systems made of lockable wooden compartments, are reconstructed or restored in detail. An information area is created on the ground floor of the office building, which is used by 'Tourismus & Congress GmbH Bonn'. It is the contact point for visitors to the former government district of Bonn.

site plan
hall of the office building ('Haus 11')
first floor of the office building ('Haus 11')
inside view, 'Boarding-House‘ ('Haus 7 + 9')