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extension and upgrade for energy efficiencyPrimary school 'Schlossbachschule', Bonn


the project

The 3-speed Schlossbach primary school from 1962 consists of four building parts with an adjoining gym. The lessons are held in the mornings and in the afternoons they are supervised by the open all-day school.

project data

City of Bonn, Urban Buildung management
building type
school buildings
extension and upgrade for energy efficiency
education and research
conversion and reconstruction
scope of services
Lph 1-9 HOAI
4.454 m²
3.795 m²

our work

The existing buildings are being completely renovated and modernized. The modernization also includes the technical installations. All roofs and the complete facades of the existing school buildings are being energetically upgraded.

A two-storey replacement building extends the room program. The one-story existing building will be dismantled at this point beforehand. The new building will create seven new, well-lit classrooms.

The architectural challenge is a successful, harmonious connection of new and renewed facades. The refurbishment and reorganization of the kitchen and cafeteria wing will increase its capacity and create additional space for the children's kitchen and afternoon care in the open all-day school.

The construction work is carried out continuously while the school is running.




Ansicht Fassade Schlossbachschule Bonn Architekt
Schulbau Sanierung Turnhalle Architekt
Seitenansicht vom Schulhof - Grundschule Architekt Bonn
Schule Neubau Architekt NRW Bonn
Neubau Grundschule Bonn Architekt
Schule Neubau Architekt NRW Bonn
Turnhalle Sanierung Schule Bonn Architekt
Sanierung Turnhalle Neubau Architekt
Architekt Schulbau Bildungsbau NRW Bonn
Vorher-Nachher-Ansicht Schlossbachschule